The makers of ‘Lucifer’ are very happy with this ‘Catholic’ review
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The makers of ‘Lucifer’ are very happy with this ‘Catholic’ review

In the series, the devil swaps life in hell for a nightclub in Los Angeles, where he goes on a “vacation”. During this time he meets Detective Chloe Decker, with whom he investigates various crimes. The series was on FOX for three seasons, before Netflix took over.

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Special review
A few days ago, Tia Noelle Pratt wrote a review for NCR describing the series as “a family drama that explores the relationship between faith and reason.” In the review itself she looks at Lucifer’s complex relationship with his father, God, and his struggle with religion.

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Ellis and Henderson are overjoyed. “This is probably my favorite article ever about Lucifer,” Ellis wrote. And Henderson was also happy with it: “As someone who was raised as a Catholic, I am very proud of the way we explore religion …

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