Tom Ellis is hot as Lucifer Morningstar: Here’s the proof
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Tom Ellis is hot as Lucifer Morningstar: Here’s the proof

Who wouldn’t love to join Tom in that hot tub? Not only does he look good in formal wear, but he also rocks that bathing suit. We’re wondering how he looks so ripped when there’s always a glass of scotch around.

Now that we think about it, was the water cold before he got in?

Hotter than hell

For some of us it’s hard to get a good headshot, but definitely not for Tom Ellis. If Lucifer does look anything like this, we wouldn’t mind paying him a small visit in hell (or L.A.). He looks like a total boss

Break a sweat

We’re glad to know Lucifer Morningstar is so ripped. Being the king of hell is probably a difficult task for him. It doesn’t seem like his life on the West Coast is getting any easier, so he probably has to maintain his work-out regime.

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The makers of ‘Lucifer’ are very happy with this ‘Catholic’ review
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The makers of ‘Lucifer’ are very happy with this ‘Catholic’ review

In the series, the devil swaps life in hell for a nightclub in Los Angeles, where he goes on a “vacation”. During this time he meets Detective Chloe Decker, with whom he investigates various crimes. The series was on FOX for three seasons, before Netflix took over.

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Special review
A few days ago, Tia Noelle Pratt wrote a review for NCR describing the series as “a family drama that explores the relationship between faith and reason.” In the review itself she looks at Lucifer’s complex relationship with his father, God, and his struggle with religion.

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Ellis and Henderson are overjoyed. “This is probably my favorite article ever about Lucifer,” Ellis wrote. And Henderson was also happy with it: “As someone who was raised as a Catholic, I am very proud of the way we explore religion …

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Go Away With … Tom Ellis
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Go Away With … Tom Ellis

throwback post -, Tom Ellis made a name for himself in the BBC soap opera “EastEnders.” The actor, 35, now stars as Dr. William Rush in the USA Network’s new medical drama, “Rush.” He calls London home, but is currently based out of Vancouver shooting his series. “Vancouver is such a beautiful city,” says Ellis. “It’s unreal. I love how it’s a city thoughtfully nestled within nature.” Fans may follow him on Twitter.

Q. What is your favorite vacation destination?
A. The Caribbean, which is beyond beautiful and so serene. My recommendation is to do as little as possible. It’s the only way to really appreciate how beautiful everything is in that moment.

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