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10 reasons why Tom Ellis is a hottie

10 reasons why Tom Ellis is a hottie
Tom Ellis is of course best known for his role in the popular Netflix series Lucifer. In this he can be seen as the incredibly sexy, and above all irresistible, devil. We would love to binge-watch all seasons of Lucifer over and over again to enjoy Tom Ellis. But because that is not always possible, we have listed 10 reasons for you why Tom Ellis is a hot thing!

  1. He is a fallen angel. Okay, he might be Lucifer Morningstar, but he’s also just a fallen angel. And what woman does not dream of hooking up with a real angel (we will overlook the fact that he rules over hell!). Source: Giphy
  2. Now and then he makes a fool of himself. It is always good for a man to know how to make a woman laugh. And uhm .. We can also take that shirt off!

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