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Lucifer’ star Tom Ellis hasn’t seen his daughters for 7 months, says its ‘excruciating’

In his recent interview, ‘Lucifer’ actor Tom Ellis says not seeing his daughters for the past 7 months has been ‘excruciating’. Read on to know more.

Tom Ellis, popular for the show Lucifer, recently talked about not being able to see his daughters amidst the pandemic. In an interview with The Guardian, the actor mentioned it had been ‘excruciating’ not being able to meet them as he was stuck in LA. The actor has three daughters from his previous relationships, two daughters with Tamzin Outhwaite and one with Estelle Morgan. Read ahead to know what the actor said.

Further on the topic, Tom Ellis mentioned that he never wanted to be in a similar headspace again and that he was trying to be positive. The actor also added that it was a bit tough to do as he felt the world was ‘falling apart’ and not having his children near him made him sad. He further said that he was stressed as to when he would see them again.  

During the interview, Tom Ellis revealed that he was planning a grand reunion with his daughters when he would see them. It has now been 7 months since he last saw all three of his daughters. But many media portals report that it will be difficult for the Lucifer star to see his daughters as he would have to be in quarantine twice, once when he arrives in the UK and next when he flies back to the US.

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Tom Ellis Talent

Tom Ellis
The devil himself! What a hottie Tom Ellis is. We watched a lot of Tom Ellis videos for this piece. For the research, of course … because, look, we found an extra talent from the Lucifer star. In the popular Netflix series, Tom Ellis’ character has often showed his golden throat, but the actor himself is not inferior! Oh yeah, did we mention that Tom can also play guitar?

Tom Ellis not only has a beautiful voice, but he is also very good at juggling! With balls or breast implants, nothing is too crazy for him. We can’t wait to see him as Lucifer again in seasons 5 and 6. Unfortunately, those are the last two seasons.